Zoe Saldana spoke about sons-twins

Almost two years ago in the life of Hollywood actress zoey Santana happiness appeared. You could even say, double happiness was born the twin sons of the actress and her husband Marco Perego Bowie and CY. In a recent interview with E! News Zoe told me about how her children are growing and their extraordinary reach.

“We have no Bowie is only SAI and SAI. We tell them, “You say, and you, Bowie,” and they’re like, “SAI?”” — said, laughing, Saldana. Dvadtsatiletnej boys share not only names, they are incredibly sensitive to each other.
“They both have a very developed sense of empathy to each other. My husband and I observed it very clearly and it makes us happy. Sons are very sensitive to each other, and if one of them cries, the other throws everything and goes in search of his brother. But when one finds the other crying, then will not go with hugs and kisses, as you probably thought. He just sit in the field of view and watching him” — told the actress.
“Bowie and CY already gave us to understand that they are identical. They do many things the same and sometimes it’s even a little scary. Marco sometimes feel like in a Museum where the exhibits are children that we see” said Zoe.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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