Zayn Malik spoke about the “evil twin” Roger

Something strange is happening in the mind of the former soloist of the British group One Direction Zayn Malik. It is no secret that the young man who has huge potential and, as they say, a great musical future, suffers from panic attacks, and this complicates the development of his career. Now, Zane admitted that he has an imaginary friend, an evil alter ego Malik named Roger.

He told this in an interview with The Sunday Times. The actor admitted that this is Roger has a great influence on him.
“Maybe it’s some psychological thing, or maybe I’ve created for myself an alter ego, but I think it’s funny” — said Malik.
At these words he raised his pant leg and showed the name of Roger tattooed on his calf.
“He’s a big influence on me. For the new album he created some songs. And today he is at rest, gone fishing” — said Zane. By the way, to record a new album Malik came into collaboratio with renowned Indian composer A. R. Rahman, who wrote the soundtrack for the film “Slumdog Millionaire’s” “Jai Ho”.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/
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