Zayn Malik in his memoirs tell the truth about the other side of fame One Direction

Separated from the group One Direction, Zayn Malik has made it clear that more than anything to do with the team, he does not want to have. Solo career of the young artist is developing quite well. Zane feels that he is no longer able to interfere and nobody to stop him, because in the near future he intends to publish a book of memoirs in which will tell about their life during their participation in One Direction.

Fans are in for a real revelation, because Malik will open all secrets of life behind the scenes, talk about real relationship guys in the team and the cooperation with producer Simon Cowell. By the way, learning about what the project is preparing his former ward, Coeur was furious. Apparently, there are secrets that he didn’t want to tell anyone: “the Book will be a real blast. Simon Cowell will be furious if she sees the light, and he will do everything possible to prevent it. But Zane is going to tell the whole truth, to present a very clear picture that was so carefully hidden by the producers and managers of the group”, — told the press close to Zane informant.

Note that this is not the first time Malik pulls on the revelation. Recently in an interview, the singer admitted that experience in the group was extremely difficult for him: “I was 100% hidden behind the music that played. It wasn’t me, my fans didn’t know me. We just put before the fact and said that we had to do, arguing that this is the material that these people buy. The more famous was our group, the worse I felt. We had to say that happy, but actually it wasn’t, what we like so-and-so, but in reality we didn’t like it. Whenever I make suggestions, I was suspended and told not to go. Took into account the opinion of management, only they know what should be the group, and I was not sure that we sold.

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