Zakharov praised the song Despacito piano – 24???

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova evaluated the performance of the song Despacito on the piano. On Facebook she posted a video of Peter Bence, which presents the instrumental version of a performance hit.

Maria Zakharova said that the “Nike you can use and so.”

Earlier, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro presented his own version of the song Despacito, which stated about his plans, planned for 30 July elections to the constituent Assembly.

Maria Zakharova | KP

In turn, the authors of the song Luis Fonsi conquering such markets, and daddy Yankee has opposed the use of their songs in this way. Fonsi conquering such markets said that his music is not designed to promote, and the Yankees criticized the political regime established Maduro in Venezuela.

Recall that the video for the song Despacito became the most popular on YouTube, gaining over 3 billion views. Earlier this record belonged to the video for the song Gangnam Style, which looked 2.9 billion.

Most watched video on YouTube (video):