Zachary Salenko tried to explain why he had struck the Leroy frost

Although the male realizes his guilt, he still can’t explain what happened at the nightclub, on the grounds that practically remembers nothing. Besides, the man suggested that alcohol affected him in an unexpected way, because until this moment he had not behaved in this way, the site says life-dom2.su.

Salenko not agree with the opinion that the cause of the brawl was his jealousy Lera Ivan Bursikova. If you believe the male, he was the initiator to invite Vanya to the club. And flared up only after Valerie refused to show him my phone number.

“The male no man can the face, and the woman is ready to raise his hand! Man”, “whatever it was, but to raise a hand to the girl – low!” – wrote outraged viewers of the TV project “House 2”.