Zachary Salenko “hand picked” to Valerie frost

Zachary Salenko quite sharply perceived the desire of his girlfriend to go to a barbecue with some rich boyfriend and a girl adopted spontaneously, not originally planned such a trip and agreeing to it just to “annoy” the male, according to the site life-dom2.su.

Is it any wonder what an ugly scandal broke out in pairs because of the action participants telestroke. Not a special ceremony with Leroy, who first rushed into the fight, brutal honest, I do not just like to be clocked the girl and throw out all her stuff, but also threw out the door.

“He did not beat her, just fended off Larceny bumps, nothing to say! She behaves like a man, provokes, causes a fight, the impression is that she was bit really all their relationship remains” – wrote one of the spectators “House 2”.