Zachary Salenko gave Lera frost expensive earrings. Photo

And although the couple are going through hard times, they are still together, despite all differences. So, the relationship of male and Lera turned six months, what the girl said on the page, boasting in this gift that she gave Zach. However, this time the fantasy Salenko worked much better, because the young man was not limited to a bouquet of flowers, writes the website life-dom2.su.

Three month relationship Salenko opted for red roses, this time he was attracted by white. However, the most important gift became incredible beauty earrings with large diamonds, on which the principal of telestroke spent the last of my savings.

“And her fingers which are short and thick, just like the man, or the hands of Salenko?”, “Zach decided to splurge on jewelry?” – wrote the youth fans of the TV show.