Yuri Loza named employees of the First channel “the Goonies” – 24???

Yuri Loza, a Soviet and Russian singer, made another statement. The performer told about his attitude to the workers of the First channel, informs a portal “DAYS.”

The announcement of Yuri Vines actively comment on many representatives of Russian show-business. Some artists believe that the singer of the hit “the Raft” often acts too emotional statements.

At this time, the singer criticized the policy of the First channel, responding to changes in the broadcasting schedule.

Yuri Loza | Eurosport “channel does not create anything. There’s boobies all,” said Vine.

Mentioned Yuri Loza and Diana Shurygina. The actor said that the channel itself affects the ratings of a particular person, transmitting at the screen from morning to evening of the same character.

According to Yuri, before this decision brought the ratings of the First channel, but now everything has changed.

“Now a hero makes you a TV,” said Loza, representatives of the Russian media.