Yuri Antonov told about his health after the injury

Yuri Antonov is no longer able to walk without a cane. The reason for this was the injury received by the musician at a ski resort.

Musician Yuri Antonov told the fans about his health after the injury suffered during skiing. He admitted that he can no longer walk without the aid of canes .

Skiing ended with injury

Yuri Antonov said that the injury he got while skiing. According to the musician, the leg bothered him for months, but then the pain was gone. She is now back, and he just can’t walk without the aid of a cane.

“Now walk with a cane, but don’t lose heart”, – said Antonov in an interview.

Rumors about the deteriorating health of the artist go long. In particular, the media wrote about the stroke, but Ants this information is not confirmed, and his unsteady gait, he explained the problems with the vestibular apparatus.

Yuri Antonov can be called a legend of pop music of the Soviet era. His songs grew more than one generation, they know and continue to sing in our time.

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