Yuri Antonov complained of serious health problems

Yuri Antonov complained of serious health problems. The contractor told that he was forced to walk with a cane. Message 72-year-old musician was thrilled his fans. Despite his relatively advanced age, Yuri Antonov is in no hurry to part with an active lifestyle. A few years ago during another skiing on a mountain ski, the artist fell. Post-traumatic leg pain chased him for years.

Recently the discomfort has returned. Now, the musician is forced to walk, leaning on a cane. The doctors diagnosed Antonov disorders in the vestibular apparatus.At the moment most of his time by trying to spend surrounded by relatives and Pets, with which he feels happy.
Recall information about the health problems Yuri Antonov is distributed to the media not for the first time. Earlier, the actor admitted that he plans to undergo treatment abroad.