Yulianna Karaulova will be leading a new show on the First channel – 24???

Singer Yulianna Karaulova will become the leading sports-entertainment show on channel one called “Russian ninja”. The project participants will compete for a cash prize in the amount of 5 million rubles, writes Woman’s day.

Yulianna Karaulova on the set of “the Russian ninja” | First channel

Filming the show “Russian ninja” are at a military Park “Patriot”. To participate in the project decided about 10 thousand people, but to pass in the qualifying stage are only 300 of them.

Now the remaining participants will be required to pass all three rounds and to climb the mountain of Midoriyama the height of 20 meters. The creators of “the Russian ninja” note the danger for the participants of the project, despite the fact that during the filming at the site on duty brigade “first aid”, and all participants are insured.

Leading the project, in addition Karaulova, will also become a sports commentator Evgeny Savin and host of “Good morning” Timur Soloviev.