Yulia Peresild called the name of the father of their children – 24???

33-year-old Russian actress Yulia Peresild called the name of the father and his daughters. The corresponding statement she made in an interview with Marie Claire.

Peresild confirmed that the father of her two daughters is directed by Alexei Uchitel. However details of his relationship Peresild did not disclose because she “hates talking about his personal life”. The actress admitted that criticizes their relatives and friends, when they advertise their lives.

Yulia Peresild has two daughters: 8-year-old Anna and 5-year-old Masha. According to the actress, the children’s character more like her than his father. Peresild wants her daughter in the future chose a creative profession. However, one of them already expressed the desire to enroll in the cadet school.

Julia Peresild and Alexey Uchitel | games-of-thrones.ru

Earlier in interview to the edition “7 days.ru” Peresild said that dreams about the wedding. For many people marriage is a “cool portfolio”, however, the actress does not need to be accountable to someone for their choices.