Yulia Nachalova showed disfigured by disease hands – 24???

Singer Julia Nachalova has published on Instagram a new video. The footage can be seen disfigured by the disease the hands of the performer.

Nachalova has several years of suffering from gout. The representative of the Russian show-business was ashamed of his appearance and even hid the deformed hand in a glove. Prior to Christmas, the artist decided to no longer hide and demonstrated how it looks after several years of struggle with a terrible disease.

“An unforgettable celebration of the Nativity of Christ”, signed the publication of the singer.

Many people do not notice lumps on the hands of the artist, but actively discussed the vocal celebrity.

Julia Nachalova “Magic voice”, “What You have a pure and gentle voice, Julia — one of the few on the stage who do have a voice!”, “Thanks for the goose bumps on my skin,” commented the followers of Russian pop stars.