Yulia Menshova said about Maxim Galkin – 24???

TV presenter Julia Menshov has told about his relationship with the pop artist of the Russian Maxim Galkin. As you know, Yulia and Maxim will conduct the transfer of “Tonight” broadcast on the First channel, reports a portal”.RU”.

According to Menshovoj, until they finally settled, not used to each other. This situation, according to leading known, arose because of incomplete roles.

Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin

“Relatively speaking: Maxim responsible only for jokes, I’m all for sincerity. Or Vice versa,” – said the press Menchov.

Julia added that leading is an affiliate of tandem, so they try to spread the load. However, in recognition of Julia, with her husband singer Alla Pugacheva they worked so well together and became really close.