Yulia Menshova kicked Bogdan Titomir with the program “Saturday evening”

The release of “Tonight”, aired on 7 October, was marked by scandal. The fact that the leading transmission Yulia Menshova could not resist the calling behavior of one of the distinguished guests — stars of the 90-s Bogdan Titomir. Julia asked him to leave the Studio. Bagdan did not argue with the lady, and withdrew from the program.

The conflict began in the second half of the program. Titomir behaved too outrageous. Not having to get in the Studio, he immediately began to speak incessantly, however, the leading questions he obviously was slow to respond, especially to discuss their participation in the group “Kar-Men”. But with undisguised pleasure discussed singer Ranks of the Old, especially focusing on how she has made a career in show business.

When Titomir just too broke and offered to discuss the possibility of his bladder, Yulia slapped her hand on the table and asked him to shut up. He compared it to “a teacher, who should now sit with the Director in the school.” Then the presenter lost his temper and said “Bogdan, you need to let go.”

Titomir, who asked to go to the toilet, kissed Menshovoj hand and gladly left.