Yulia Menshova has reacted sharply to criticism

The presenter did not like the opinions of viewers

As expected, Andrey Malakhov will be difficult to replace. The audience evaluated the program “Tonight” on the First channel, which became the leading Julius Menchov and Maxim Galkin. Many talk shows with new characters did not like. On criticism immediately reacted presenter in his microblog.

“Yes, the first issue was nervous, Maxim has not yet distributed in the space program, there was a lot of emotion, sometimes excessive, I wanted to do, and something we both lacked experience, which definitely will increase with every program!”, — Menchov admitted their mistakes. — “All your own mistakes I saw myself, picked up a pencil, and will carry out “homework”. But thanks to all who wrote about these errors, with respect and delicacy!”.

But detractors Julia gave a sharp rebuff and was advised not to watch the program, if they are not leading like. And assured that they Galkin will continue to work on the project, despite the fact that someone doesn’t like it.