Yule divination: how to discover what awaits you in 2018

Yule in ancient times was a period when people have lifted the veil of secrecy and could look into the future. In 2018 you will be able to tell fortunes from 6 to 19 January.

Pre-Christian practices gradually merged with Orthodoxy, and it is difficult to determine the unsteady boundary that separates Christianity from paganism. During Christmastide, even the clergy “close eyes” on a kind of self-indulgence, when girls wonder on her spouse, trying to see his destiny through the “grandmother’s method”.

Divination using Tarot cards

This divination will help you to learn what awaits you in the future. On the map you will be able to understand what the event to prepare. Take a deck of Tarot cards and thoroughly shuffle it. Select one card and take a good look at it. First, pay attention to the suit. Fallen Pentacles would mean that the priority in 2018 for you will be finances and work. If you dropped your swords, prepare for the fact that in the new year you will have a lot of feelings, including sad. Bowls promise a sincere and mutual love. The rods that has fallen to you, promise a lot of travelling or a road, but very long. Dropped in the major Arcana promises a big year and a strong change in life. Consider what is drawn on the map. Take your time to interpret what they see, and to begin to listen to your feelings. The map that has fallen to you, shows one of the scenarios, so you are free to choose the path to go.

Guessing on the beans

Take seven dry beans and hold in closed hands. Then shake them and pour on a piece of linen cloth. At their location you will be able to judge your future. If you get a neat bunch, then your family will soon be replenished. You do not have to be a parent: children may appear in your immediate family. A good financially year promise beans, facing the narrow end to the center. Reverse their situation portends a move.

Divination by tea leaves

Brew your favorite loose leaf tea and see how they behave leaves. If they lie on the bottom, 2018 year be calm and measured. Swim top — get ready for a stormy year, full of surprises and surprises. If the surface was one piece of paper, then your life will be a significant person who will help you with the work.

Guessing at her spouse

Take a handful of multi-colored buttons of the same size, hold them in your hands, and then put in a pouch of tissue. Randomly take one button and its color to determine where you’ll meet your love:

black color promises a meeting of love at work;
blue indicates that your meeting will take place on the street;
white color portends a fateful meeting during a trip;
green says that you will meet your love in the store;
brown heralds acquaintance with the help of your friends;
yellow is responsible for meeting the transport;
the orange color tells about a chance meeting.
Divination on wax

Take a white wax candle and saucer with clean water. Ignite the candle, and after a while pour out the accumulated wax in the water. According to the shape of the frozen drops you will be able to determine what to expect from 2018. There are several key elements that most often.

The cross precedes the development of disease.
A flower or a ring foretells an early marriage.
The beast means that you will be envious.
Frozen strips portend permanent roads.
The star brings luck in all spheres of life.
The figure of a man says about the imminent appearance in your life friend.
House suggests that you will have own housing area.
A tree with widely ramified crown speaks of luck, but if branches a little, then soon you will suffer some frustration.
Guessing on the name of her spouse

To do this in the evening hours, the girls need to walk down the street and ask a random passer-by men his name. According to legends, it’s going to call my future husband.

A married childless woman can ask a question of the passing of the fair sex question: “How much?”. If you are responsible, for example, “two”, that so many children have you will. Answer “how many?” or others like him say that in the coming year, completion of the family should not wait.

Guessing the future by using cats

Make a wish for the future and call your pet. Watch carefully, what foot did he step over the threshold. If left, then your wish will come true soon, but if right then you will have to work hard to wish.

Huge lot of Christmas divination represents each choice. You can use the most simple and effective ways-for example, to throw over the shoulder boots to find out which side you will come to love. Interesting divination will help you not only to know their future, but also to spend time in the company of friends. Together you will also be able to tell fortunes by taking a few things. Put them in a box or pouch, get one at a time and learn together, thus you can get 2018.

During the Christmas divination”>Christmas divination believe in what you do and the miracle will happen necessarily. Make a wish, and let they will be fulfilled.