Youth clothes not to face the 68-year-old Alla Pugacheva

The appearance of the prima Donna caused a wave of condemnation on the Network

Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin and younger children visited ice show Tatiana Navka. This is the first release of the four-year Harry and Lisa. And if the kids were ready for the first in their lives view: combed and smartly dressed, the parents of their appearance is not attended to.

The head Diva wore a strange wig, and fashionable patent leather ankle boots on a high platform, tight black pants with a biker chain and a youth jacket with appliques, seemed more suited to a 30-year-old girl. 68-year-old lady outfit looked ridiculous. Maxim also in a hoodie and jeans looked as a teenager. Apparently, the star couple did not expect that the Pastor will announce that in the hall are honored guests, and they all will pay attention. Now there is a discussion of their image.