Your icon-the patroness by date of birth

From birth everyone receives the help of the icon-the patroness who harbors a divine veil from the cares, protects against adversity and helps to gain happiness.

Faith determines the further destiny of the person. How strong the love of the Lord, so his patronage over the life of the righteous. Each icon is a kind of divine revelation. It has long been the Holy images of the saints of God saved the entire city, repelled the attacks of the enemies, heal and protect ordinary people.

But the purpose of icons is first and foremost the purification of the soul of prayer, and to reunite with his Creator. Everyone living on earth has its own patron Saint, and his image — the icon-the patroness. Turn to the Lord before his Shrine, asking through his defenders performance desired, and it will happen anyway.

Born 23 December to 21 January

Your happiness is protected by the icon of mother of God Derzhavnaya. This amazing icon, powerful and not once were the wonders of the world, will be your intercessor in the most difficult situations. To her help, cry in times of sorrow and discouragement. Before the icon of the mother of God pray for the imminent finding of love, about peace in the world, the salvation of the Russian land, the great ruler who will raise Russia from its knees, deliverance from enemies and healing from emotional and physical ailments.

Born from 22 January to 21 February

Your patroness is the mother of God icon “Vladimirskaya”. For his miraculous power she especially loved and revered by many Orthodox people. The Vladimir icon of the mother of God will reflect the blows of fate from life praying in front of her. The strength of the image incomprehensible. To her intercession, kneeling in moments of severe trials. The image of the virgin heals the bodily ailments, especially heart diseases, protects from the onslaught of enemies, from natural disasters and other dangers. Vladimir Shrine will soften the hearts of the people permanently settled in their peace and rest that will strengthen faith and give well-being.

Born from 22 Feb to 21 March

Divine help light up your life Iveron icon of the Mother of God. At the request of the virgin Mary was painted this way in the days of Her earthly life. The Evangelist Luke worked tirelessly, trying to get pass the face of the virgin that once every believer could behold Her beauty and feel the miraculous help. Scenic icon appears before the audience like a mirror image of the great mother of God. And it really has lived the exhortation of the Holy Mother: “as long as we look at the way my present to them goes my strength and born me…”

Before the Iveron icon of the Mother of God people ask the virgin Mary to comfort their hearts, strengthen their faith, to deliver from evils fierce, to mitigate the grief, to heal the pangs of earth and help to get out of financial problems.

Born from 22 March to 21 April

People born in this period should turn in prayer and asking for protection by the image of the Kazan mother of God which was written with the Byzantine icon of the mother of God, named “Hodegetria”. In translation from Greek “Hodegetria” means “a guide”. The face of the blessed virgin exudes warmth, majestic austerity and genuine love. For those born in the spring of the Kazan icon of the mother of God will be a redemptive force in our world. Weakened it gives strength, blind restore vision, bezverny — strength of spirit. The prayer before the Shrine, and will protect you from the attacks of enemies, enemies and any magic.

Born 22 April-21 may

The saving icon is the image of the Mother of God, popularly called the “surety of sinners”. The miraculous icon should turn in moments of weakening of the faith. Our world — the battle with the sinful acts in which to win help guide, before God and Jesus Christ, the virgin Mary. Prayers to the virgin Mary, give relief from sorrow, despair, grief, and healing from various ailments. The image of the lady of Heaven will help you to carry through life the belief in the soul and will protect from the fall.

Born from 22 may to 21 Jun

If you were born in this time, your icon-Mediatrix is the image of the mother of God “perishing”. The face of a Saint will help to achieve the highest spiritual perfection, invisibly protecting you from the devil’s attacks and temptations. The icon will give you part of his power, will liberate the heart from vices, help in family life. Before it is possible to pray to our lady for the health and well-being of loved ones, particularly children. Will save the icon “seeking of the lost” and from worldly ills of any complexity, free from addictions and sinful temptations.

Those born from June 22 to July 21

Your Mediatrix marked with the icon of the Mother of God “joy of All who sorrow”. This image is widely known, well-loved and deeply revered. The famous icon has received due to its numerous healing and protection from harm. Prayers before the Holy image, will save from injuries, sickness, sorrows, sin. The icon of the mother of God gives hope and love even to people greedy and selfish, directing them in the path of light and happiness.

Those born from July 22 to August 21

Born in this period are under the Holy patronage of the icon “Holy virgin”. In the title image of the virgin is a reference to the Orthodox festival and the great intercession. If you were born under the tutelage of the image, don’t hesitate to ask the Mother of God for help and intercession in worldly Affairs. It is not in vain given to you from above. In the power of the miraculous icon is the strengthening and preservation of the Lord’s grace.

Born 22 August-21 September

Pray for protection and assistance by the mother of God “Passionate”. Revered image protects marital happiness, personal well-being, as guardian of the hearth, cosiness and harmony. Through prayers before the Holy image of the virgin can reflect gossip, envy and intrigues of ill-wishers.

Born from 22 September to 21 October

You were born under the protection of the Pochayiv icon of the Mother of God and the image of “the exaltation of the cross”. Your life spread the life-giving power of the cross of the Savior, which at the time were miracles of revival and resurrection. And the image of the blessed virgin will protect from treachery, gossip, envy, will give you justice, which will accompany you throughout life.

Born from October 22 to November 21

Your life is under the tutelage of the icon-patron of the Mother of God “quick to hearken”. For several centuries the image of the virgin was revealed to the world the wonders of being a patron from the deadly disease and obsession. The power of the icon is its assistance fast, almost lightning fast. Prayers to the virgin Mary, will give a spiritual enlightenment that will illuminate any difficult situation, get rid of doubt and hesitation and disease.

Born from 22 November to 22 December

You preserve of the Mother of God “Tikhvin” and “the Omen”. The miraculous Tikhvin icon protects infants and children, helping to avoid serious diseases, disobedience, and evil influences, strengthens the bond between children and parents, and contributes to the attainment of true friends. The Holy image called “Sign”, protects from thieves and criminals, lost returns, lost, stolen, stops civil wars, and assists in the fight against diseases.

Icon-defender of every person. Like a guardian angel, they protect life and help to reflect harmful interference. Of course, the power of their patronage depends largely on the faith of worshipers. We wish you inner harmony.