Young Samburski like plump Jolie

Nastasya Samburski decided to radically change his life. Beginning actress with the hair, cutting long hair, she began to wear the caret is painted in unusual shades. Further changes affected the professional life of Nastasia. She decided to leave “Uni”, noting that she was tired of his character and he never wanted to go to work, which it increasingly resembles a prison.

To cheer yourself up Samburski decided by publish in his microblog pictures from the past where her little more than 20.

In comments to Nastasia noted that at a young age she was plump like angelina Jolie.

The similarities with the Hollywood star really can not be overlooked. But fans of the actress agreed that the domestic version they like more and more foreign. “NAS and placed control, no Jolie and beside you were not) you are more beautiful than????????”, “No Anastasia, you’re not fat, you have a Constitution, everything is OK ????, Jolie is subtle, and not in the least” “even Though you are oily but still the best!”, – comforting self-critical Nastassja fans.

However, there were also defenders of Angelina. “Like “Jolie” you’re exaggerating,” protested one of the commentators. Others criticized the way the Russian actress. “So pale????????”, “white Lifan”, – the irony of detractors.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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