“Yes, we change places. But this is not the end, it doesn’t exist”: the husband Chekhova commented on their relationship

The leading congratulated the husband happy birthday poems

After the second separate vacations fans talking about the discord in the family of Anfisa Chekhova. It got to the point that sister Guram Bablishvili took a joint photo for the mistress. The couple has not commented on these rumors, but in the “Instagene” leading a joint photo with her husband.

“It just so happens that now is the day of death of my friend and the birthday of my husband’s follow each other. Such a paradox of fate” (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. Znamenitka), — has signed a frame Chekhov, accompanied by the congratulations touching poem. What the husband answered in a comment: “Thank you for the unique personality you gave me an angel — the best happiness in my life opened my heart and shared lobougoula a lot and enriched me with their world, without knowing it! Yes, we change places. But this is not the end, it doesn’t exist. And while we are here we must love ulybatsya, to do good, not to stay and enjoy life on this planet Earth, live — I’ll always be there”.