Yana Troyanova has brought Evelina Bledans to tears

A series of tragedies pursued the star of the series “Olga”

Yana Troyanova has become the guest of the show “the invisible Man” on channel “TV3”. The actress received the national love becoming the main heroine of the series “Olga”. Her character effortlessly cope with everyday difficulties, but most of Jana’s life has long been joyless. After hearing her story, leading Evelina Bledans even cried.

The mother gave birth early Jan and upbringing would not be engaged, so gave it to my grandmother. However, she dealt with the girl for long. She died from cancer when Jan was only five years old. According to Troyanova, this time she just does as burying their loved ones. All the women in her family die from lung cancer. Genetics or a curse? The actress comes from an ancient Polish noble family. In the early twentieth century the great-grandfather killed his great-grandmother, dismembered and buried in the family estate. Thus he has saved her from the violence of the Bolsheviks.

The actress also got married very early, at the age of 17 because she was pregnant. The couple had a son, but that did not stop her new family to adopt a daughter.

“This genus, in which I thundered, for marriage, to any woman, God forbid, to survive. It was violence and destruction of me,” shared Troyanova, in the end everything ended tragically, her son 20 years old hung himself. “He failed, I understand why he did it. These genes, they haunted him, they guy was carrying down, he was flying so fast”.

At some point, due to bad relations with relatives, Yana began to drink from grief. To start a new life helped her current husband, Director Vasily Sigarev. They were married in 2003. Now the actress believes that it is ready again to become a mother and wants to take the child from the orphanage.

“I think about it. I want to love and love to share,” admitted Yana Troyanova.