Yana Troyanova has become a “Woman of the year” according to GQ: what do we know about the actress from the series “Olga”

WANT portal acquaints readers with the holders of the prestigious title “woman of the year” Yana Troyanova.

Recently hosted the long-awaited annual ceremony of the award of the famous magazine GQ “man of the year 2017”. The owners of this prestigious awards was rapper Vasily Vakulenko (aka Basta) and actress Yana Troyanova, who became the “Woman of the year”. Many have learned in the famous blonde heroine of the drama series “Olga”, the fate of which was filled almost from the first series.

However, few people know that outside of the spotlight life scenario 44-year-old Yana Troyanova no better serial vicissitudes. This woman had to endure the death of her only son and for many years to tolerate the status of a victim of domestic violence, but soon find happiness with a man “from his world” which he wrote especially for her role in their solid films.


Unfortunately, in the family of Yana Troyanova has occurred a terrible tragedy. The actress’s son had committed suicide at the age of 20 after a long addiction to alcohol and drugs. Relatives of the actress spoke about how what happened was that nick got in with bad company, and took over by succession from his father, a weakness for such harmful “entertainment.” Here’s what says about the dead nephew of the sister of Yana Troyanova, Elena:

Nick grew up like a normal teenager. Played sports, played hockey. Normally I studied. All was well until, until they moved to another area. The nephew fell in with bad company. Drugs, alcohol. Everyone noticed the change in the stake. Jan tried to spend more time with him, helped with money. After school, he never studied, didn’t work. We all told him that it was time to take action. But he didn’t hear. We were unable to save him from death. They took their genes.

Despite the terrible grief, Yana Troyanova found the strength to move on, focusing on the favorite work.


The first marriage Yana Troyanova with the father of her child, Constantine Shirinkina, was unsuccessful. The pair signed immediately after then future actress graduated from high school. Relatives of the actress has repeatedly told reporters that the ex-husband of the actress liked to drink, and sometimes raised her hand. Did not save the relationship of spouses and the birth of a son If in 1990-m to year. So, after another beating Yana Troyanova took her son and left Shirinkina. Former husband of the actress died in 2004-m to year from excessive alcohol consumption. By the time Yana Troyanova was married to playwright and film Director Vasily sigareva, and this harmonious Union lasts to this day.

Yana Troyanova and her husband Vasily Sigarev


Appearance Yana Troyanova in the series “Olga”, a story about a strong-willed woman with a strong character, was a big surprise for fans of the actress. After all, everyone knows that the name of the actress until now were associated only with the film credits, and as serious as “Top”, “Kokoko”, “land of OZ” and many others. It is noteworthy that the Director of the above three paintings is her husband Vasily Sigarev.

It is worth noting that the creative experiment Yana Troyanova in the framework of the series “Olga” can be called successful, because the main role of the actress brought her a considerable chunk of popularity. By the way, the image of the beloved Olga, who drags himself two children and her alcoholic father, Troyanova formed, based on the example of his close friend.

I understood clearly where I’m going to do this way. It was for someone to peek. Olga is also some sayings mom, and the story of my childhood friend Natalia Kaplan. She, like Olga, mother of two children, she already has a grandson. Her family was very interesting to watch and to realize that the script was all true. People live well. I called Natasha, she described conflicts with children, and I said, “it’s Amazing, I tell you a situation, and the authors have already described”. Of course, the main problem is my Olga is that she was always busy with family and did not know how to deal with his personal life.

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