Yana Rudkovskaya was advised to get a face-lift

Yana Rudkovskaya shared with followers new photo, which was reported near the wedding with Evgeny Plushenko. However, fans are advised to Yana rather run to the beautician for Botox injections.

The producer of Dima Bilan and wife of the famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko Yana Rudkovskaya recently reported that soon will be her wedding.

However, netizens recommend Yana before the ceremony to do plastic surgery.

Yana Rudkovskaya on his official page in social network Instagram has published a new picture of announced her wedding with Evgeny Plushenko will take place very soon. However, subscribers more attention was paid to the exterior 42-year-old women, where to say that Yana has appeared deep wrinkles and face does not look “fresh”. Many even recommend Rudkovskaya to make a Botox injections or even plastic, because the face looks very droopy, “Jan, need to go to the beautician for a beauty shots”, “Photographer got an honest? Photoshop is not enough, all the wrinkles can be counted”, “Before the wedding a matter of days. It’s time for facial plastic to think,” “Yeah, young was a middle-aged. Ian, you really need to do something with the face.”