Yana Rudkovskaya was accused of commercialism

Recently Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko were married. Friends present at the celebration, they presented gifts to spouses, which she decided to boast to subscribers.

In his Instagram, the producer published a video which did not hide the fact that gifts on the occasion of the Church ceremony, she and her husband got a lot. And to avoid any suspicion that the room is full of empty packets, Ian began to get acquainted with their contents directly in front of the camera, aided by his young son Sasha.

It should be noted that a session on unpacking the gifts the boy was not too pleased, he got bored on the third minute of the video. And followers Yana also did not like the movie, many have criticized it of commercialism: “show-off — our everything!” and advised not to expose to the people their wealth, and to sell everything and help the money for needy children.