Yana Rudkovskaya explained the origin of luxury life

Sleepless nights and no weekends — this is the fee the producer

Photos of luxury houses, expensive gadgets, gorgeous clothes and richly served meals the envy and hatred of many foes Yana Rudkovskaya. However, as we know, nice to live not forbid, and the producer thinks that this is the only acceptable form of existence. But she is willing to pay for it, and not only money, but your health and time.

“Almost every morning, afternoon, evening, sometimes until midnight, I and our team are conducting the work in the office, on the ice and on concert stages. In shows and concerts where I’m the producer, has a team from 50 to 200 people,” — explained Yana envious, who do not see its daily work. — “To produce a great show or concert you need to for months long to work that You get a lot of pleasure and impressions. I and my team from today until 6 January, there is no weekend, because I’m making a show is very serious!”.

The producer has tried to convey to those who wrote her angry comments that “Instagram” is just pictures. Nobody knows about her great work: sleepless nights, risks, nerves, health, the machinations of unscrupulous competitors.

“Everyone knows that I sleep for 6 hours and what I am a perfectionist. I produce and participate in the creation of more than 300 shows a year in the world: concerts, ice shows, prize!”, — outraged Rudkovskaya. –”In our family, no idlers and parasites from small to large, understand how money is earned and what is behind the beautiful pictures of life!”.