Yana Rudkovskaya advised to go to the beautician before the wedding

Photographs taken during one of the social events that called for Yana Rudkovskaya, Internet users are considered extremely tired appearance that was the reason for a new wave of criticism of Yana.


Subscribers in Instagram Yana Rudkovskaya considered all the wrinkles the 42-year-old woman. Because less than a week will be the wedding of Yana and her husband Evgeny Plushenko, sarcastic fans were quick to advise women to go for cosmetic procedures to refresh your face to such an important event.

“Jan, the spirits have chosen now to the beautician it’s time”, “Photographer got an honest? Photoshop is not enough, all the wrinkles can be counted”, “Before the wedding a matter of days. It’s time of the soul, that is, the person to take care of, “Yes, young was a middle-aged. Ian, you urgently necessary procedures,” – commented the Network users.