Yana Koshkina made a splash at film premieres

And Kirill Pletnev and Irina Starshenbaum visited the show with husband and wife. Details — in a secular review Znamenitka

Actress Yana Koshkina, who played in the movie the stripper got called to the carpet a splash. Despite the fact that the moment you pass the path to Koshkin was considerably more clothes than in the movie, the guests always watched the actress eyes.

Irina Starshenbaum and Alexander Petrov rapidly congratulated Director Alexander Andryushchenko with the debut full meter. Alexander the friendly attack was just glad.

Kirill Pletnev loves his wife, Nino Ninidze and doesn’t care about how it will come out in the pictures. Most importantly, the beautiful Nino turned out well, and Cyril himself may well be in the shade.

Andrey Nazimov ride on the shoulders of his partner’s shots — five year old Timothy, who were drawn computer image of the main character of the film. As it turned out, Timothy began acting when he was just a year old, and passed together with the film crew all stages, including post-production. Heroic kid.