Yana Koshkina came to the premiere of the film with extreme cleavage – 24???

Russian actress Yana Koshkina attended the premiere of the film “Partner” which was held in the Russian capital. The girl appeared at the event in an eye-catching outfit, drawing to a close the eyes of the public, reports “Around.TV”.

Fans appreciated this outfit celebrities. Fans of the actress believe that Ian was the star of the evening, pulling all the attention.

Russian actress Yana Koshkina

It should be noted that for the 27-year-old actress tape “Partner” was the second great start of the year. Earlier the actress starred in the film “Classmates: a New twist”.

Yana Koshkina also known for roles in such series as “Lights”, “Interns”, “Harow” and “Forester”. The most famous actress received, performing the role of Snezana in the sitcom “the chop.”