Xenia Borodin fans were accused of illiteracy

In his microblog Ksenia Borodina posted the video, which made a mistake. Because of this, fans have accused the star of ignorance.


Ksenia Borodina with her husband, decided to advertise his video blog. Kurban Omarov was shooting some video the day and put them on the account.

For the life of Xenia keep track of not only fans, but also antipasti. To mock the star began after she congratulated her grandmother’s 80th birthday. Under make a video, she wrote “great-grandmother”.

Antipasti were very happy errors. They made fun of the star and declared that this was to be expected as she only knows how to “gab” and nothing more.

It is worth noting that the relationship with the subscribers Ksenia got corrupted because of the recent scandal. Now Xenia antifanatov more than the fans. Now for her life and actions very closely in order to mock the star.