With Mariah Carey flew dress

American singer , Keri Maria almost ruined his outfit during a recent performance. The fact that the artist specifically lost weight lately is so obvious that she would have to alter the entire closet. The confusion almost happened in New Orleans.

Maria, just sensually performed their hits at the dances of their choreographers, but the majority of the spectators ‘ eyes were glued to her silver dress with a neckline that reached almost to the navel. When Keri theatrical gesture, bent forward with emotion, her bust almost fell out of the outfit.
Apparently, anticipating the possible confusion, Maria changed his outfit, and already the following song was sung in a pink dress. By the way, it was the same open, and during a performance of his hits, the artist was supported by the bodice by hand.
I must say that lately Merayu just pursue this kind of scandal. So, during a speech in Florida Hard Rock Hotel pop diva landed on the head of his dancer. According to the Director, Maria had to go down on a safety rope directly into the hands of the young but strong male dancers. Obviously something went wrong, or the guy you went to the wrong place on the stage. In a Golden bodice and white fluffy skirt, Maria came down from heaven just on his head. Fortunately, the dancer is not much affected and continued the show as if nothing had happened.

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