Wise from debts and poverty

To improve its financial position through wise. Special magic gestures will help you to change lives, to open in the near future, new prospects, good opportunities and cash flows.

Poverty is not determined by the amount of money and power blocks and an inherited distortion of the biofield genetic poverty. However, financial success is worthy of every person. The wise have the power to eliminate negative energy programme, condemns you to poverty.

As work wise

Our world is saturated with energy, on which is based the universal laws of money. To live according to cosmic energy, not engaging with her in dissonance. Mudra is a special gesture that change a person’s mood and alter energy flow, completely displacing the negative. In this case, it is wise transformerait money energy, helping you to get rid of internal blocks, which previously attracted only poverty.

In the moment of performance wise you will feel a noticeable surge of strength will feel more confident. You realize that prosperity is inseparably linked to you. Thus with constant practice you will be able to completely displace the psychology of poverty, tuned to the psychology of wealth.

Magical gestures will help to attract the energy of abundance, the energy forming a Cup which every day will be replenished with positive energy. Invisible when the Cup is full to the brim, you will hardly remember about poverty.

Wise not only change your thinking and attract financial flows, they also set you on a good track new opportunities and change. The white band gradually squeezed out of a series of failures and material failures. In your life make space for happiness, abundance and prosperity.

In some cases, requires a wise

This Eastern practice should be applied in the period of the total of bad luck and a sharp decline of funds received. However, if luck alternates with bad luck, this method will also be useful: it will strengthen your financial energy and will help to boost the luck and defeat will minimize.

This practice especially helps people who have found themselves at an impasse, and experiencing an acute shortage of resources when new loans are hard to cover old loans. If you never smiled capricious fortune, and material success avoided, you just need wise, which will help to get stronger, stand on your feet and gain money luck.

Wise for getting rid of poverty and debts

In the upright position, place the palm in front of him, facing each other. The most important thing — your hands must not touch, so leave a small distance between them: for example, 8 inches. Hands should be upward.

Now you need to slightly tilt each palm at the base of the wrist. Right hand a little tilt to the left, and the left to the right. Connect them to the wrist. From the hands you visually should look something like the unblown Bud of a flower. The fingers should follow the Sun.

Gently press your thumb on the little finger. Most importantly, both fingers remained straight. Then the middle fingers of both hands should touch each other phalanges. Let the fingers which were left free, would rush up.

Close your eyes, start to breathe more often, focus on the sensations in the coccyx, the tailbone because it attracts bundles of energy. Imagine that you go through a powerful energy, you will feel it from the body. Your palms — a kind of bowl, which we talked about earlier. Let your desire, it is filled to the brim. You have the right to control cosmic energy, which fill your vessel of abundance and prosperity. Hold this position for three minutes.

Wise for enrichment

Place hands in front of him. The palm should be facing up. Connect them as if you were going to scoop up some water from the source. Firmly tape the hands so that the water leaked through his fingers.

Now we need to combine thumb and index fingers of both hands. Take a deep breath and on the exhale close your eyes. Normalize the breath, don’t rush, breathe smoothly and peacefully. Concentrate on the area between the eyes, imagining that between them you have a unlimited source of prosperity and enrichment. Activate it, tune in to his wavelength. Stay in this position for 6 minutes.

Data practice is the easiest and most affordable way to attract cash flows in the shortest possible time. Wise should be performed within seven calendar days, preferably morning and evening. Technique to getting out of poverty, require constant performance as long as your financial situation will not change. A month later, you will find that your life is committed wave of enrichment and prosperity. We wish you new victories, success and enrichment. Be happy