Winona Ryder became an Internet meme because of the “active person”

Last weekend took place the ceremony of delivery of awards of Guild of film actors of the USA (“the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017“).

The statue was marked by a series of “Very strange things” (Stranger Things), one of the main roles in which executes Winona Ryder.

As expected from the winners, all involved in the show team took to the stage, where they each had the right to Express gratitude or to make any other statement. The floor was taken by David harbour. The man is clearly prepared for the speech, but he certainly had no idea how his words would react to his colleague Winona.

Ryder stood next to David and was very active in making faces. Each emotional phrase colleagues actress was accompanied by eloquent faces. Surprise, fear, thoughtfulness, encouragement, joy — I think the star of the movie “Autumn in new York” showed us the full range of their feelings.

Behavior is always discreet Winona was so unusual that a video of her being on the scene immediately went viral today and has been discussed by Internet users.

Some were convinced that Ryder had been drinking that night, others felt that she just decided to bring a touch of humor in the serious performance of colleagues.

Anyway, its amusing facial expressions, the actress is not a joke stirred the online community, who made the traces of the events of a whole string of witty memes.

Source: variety.com
Photo: variety.com

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