Wife told George Clooney to meet with friends-drinking buddies

In the beginning of the relationship of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, friends of the actor admired his choice. Amal seemed to be real diamond, which went to Hollywood bachelor, is not always differed ideal behavior.

Few people could afford to imagine that the choice of the actor had in regards to his friends aren’t such warm feelings. And possibly even disliked. In particular, Amal was extremely unhappy with what way of life are forced to follow George to his buddies.

The first who was not nice Mrs Clooney was the actor bill Mirren, who, according to human rights activist, often does not control the number of them drunk alcohol.

Then followed an unspoken war with Cindy Crawford and her husband, Renee Gerber, of which Amal is the spirit can not stand.

We will remind, earlier it was also reported that dislike Amal to angelina Jolie was the reason that the Hollywood couple Brangelina was not present at the wedding of Clooney.

Most likely, Amal alienated husband and from this famous couple. Interestingly, George left his friends in a past life?


Source: 7days.ru
Photo: “ForumDaily”

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