Wife Giulana hinted at the reason for the divorce

The girl read a study about experiencing treason

In Instagram aspiring actress Diana Ochilboy, the couple stars in the Comedy series “I” and “University” Andrei Giulana, appeared an unusual video. In the frame of the girl with candles lying in a bathtub full of milk, and demonstrating the desperate, soggy from the tears smearing ink across the face. Behind the scenes she is reading the essay about women’s love and men’s betrayal.

“Sharing with You, my mental explosion. Not easy.. I Think after seeing this video, I will be understood only by those who are going through similar, but also those who are blessed destiny. Maybe someone knows how to soothe the pain?”, signed Diana your creative output. Members expressed their support and shared their stories on this subject.

Recall that the relationship of Ochilboy and Giulana lasted seven years. A year ago, they officially became husband and wife. Last summer the couple spent a vacation together in the United States. Soon after their strizak social networks have ceased to appear together. It is worth noting that over the last few months of Diana lost a lot of weight and has completely dyed her hair blonde.