Wife Basharova commented on the rumors about the beating – 24???

Shevarkov Elizabeth, the wife of actor Marat Basharova, responded to press reports about the conflict in her family. According to the woman, about the fact that she was beaten by her husband is a lie, informs the Woman.

As you know, in the beginning of September, Marat and Elizabeth decided to formalize their relationship. Soon the couple went to Dominican Republic to spend at the resort on our honeymoon.

After returning home, happy family found that in a press there was an information on disagreements between spouses. Representatives of some Russian media informed the public with reference to insider data that Basharov beat his wife.

Elizabeth Shevarkov and Marat Basharov | Woman.RU

Elizabeth told the press that outraged by such publications.

“That’s not true! It’s all rumors,” said Elizabeth, commenting on reports in Russian media.