Wife Arshavin was first shown a photo of six-month daughter

Alice Arshavin, famous footballer’s wife, for the first time showed a photo of the six-month daughter. She took his little daughter during water treatments in the pool at the hands of my grandmother, but the face crumbs have been painted with a heart. So the couple of Arshavina protects the baby from evil eye.


With the birth in February of 2017 the daughters of the famous football player Andrei Arshavin and his wife Alice, there is a need to protect your child from unwanted public attention. Even the name of the girl parents have long kept secret. In may they revealed this secret and announced that named her daughter Yesenia.

Here and now in the collection of photos posted by the mother in Instagram Esenii six-month-old baby swimming in the pool in the arms of a happy mother-in-law of football player and with his blood brother and sister.

A year ago Andrew and Alice were married. This is the first official marriage of a star of Russian football. Previously, he was in a relationship with Yulia Baranovskaya, the couple had three children. But now Andrew, according to rumors, does not support relations with older children or with his ex-girlfriend.