Why Roma died an Englishman of the LSP: the cause of death, what happened actually

Well-known member of rap group LSP novel Saschenko, known as Roma, an Englishman, died at the age of 28 years. The musician died on July 30. The cause of death was not specified. Belarusian musician worked in a duet with Oleg Savchenko. Musicians often give concerts in St.-Petersburg.

A colleague of the deceased in the group commented on the death Sadako, he’s Roma English. “Everyone dies from what is committed,” wrote Savchenko on the Internet.

Users responded to dozens of comments that encourage the musician to stay and in any case not to quit music. In General we can say that people are shocked by such developments.

According to rumors, during the life of the Roma Englishman he used banned substances. In addition, he had problems with the cardiovascular system.

Many knew of the Novel, there are problems associated with the use of alcohol and illegal substances. Moreover, he said that he left quite a bit to live. A year ago in an interview, he laughingly said: – My doctor says I only have a few months because I am constantly thumps and I’m tired, laughing, said the actor, a year later, he was gone.

Online reported that Roma died from cardiac arrest, but the exact cause is unknown, although fans assume that the rapper was able to commit suicide or “peritonotis”.

Recall that in the group of LSP novel Sadako (real name) was in 2012. He worked with rapper Oleg Savchenko. They recorded several albums, many songs which were popular in Russia. The last clip LSP “Coin”, is filmed in the current year 2017, has become mega-popular and attracted more than 9 million views.