Why not make a wish come true: 7 reasons

Making wishes, we hope in the near future they will come true. Make your dreams become a reality, you need to follow a few simple rules that will help you immediately get what you want.

Probably every person at least once made a wish and was looking forward to his performance. When the wait becomes too long, we lose hope that dream will ever come true. The fate gave you a gift and brought to reality your dream come true, you need to make an effort on their part. Many people believe that to get what they want is possible, just really want this, but often this is not enough. The team dailyhoro.ru offers you some main reasons that hinder the fulfillment of your dreams.

How to make a wish

Sometimes we make a mistake, even when formulating his wish. To have your dreams fulfilled, you need to let the universe understand that you want to receive, — only in this case she will respond to your request. Make our dream come real, you need to write a letter in which you tell that dream to, but should do so in accordance with a few simple rules.

In more detail describe the details of your desires. Of course, it is not necessary to describe the exact day and time when you want to get it, but you should write the details. For example, if you want to travel, you can check the place where you want to get there, what time of year and so on. It will take you a little time but the result will not keep itself waiting.

Avoid the particle “not”. Talking about his dream, avoid negatives. If you want to get rich and write about it, or specify what kind of amount you want. No need to write about what you “don’t want to live in poverty.”

Several times loudly verbalize your dream. Once in your letter, you told me all about what you want to get, you need more time to say it out loud. So you send your desire out into the Universe which will decide whether it will be fulfilled.

You need to believe in a dream come true. If we dream about something, then surely we must believe it, otherwise positive result. Daily imagine that tomorrow you will get what you want, and be assured one day it will happen.

Purchase a symbol of their desire. Get the thing looking at you will think about his dream. It can be a coin, a photograph of any place or a person and even your drawing, where you draw what you want. Thus your dream will always be with you.

With these simple rules, soon you effortlessly get all what you dream about. Most importantly — try to approach the matter responsibly and not miss any of the action.

Why wishes don’t come true

If the above method does not yield a positive result, it means that there is a reason that prevents your cherished dream to become a reality. Getting rid of it, soon you will be able to get what you want.

Your dream could harm another person. Everyone has enemies, and even enemies. However, some feelings of hatred can prevail over reason, and then the person begins to desire another the worst. It is not necessary to denigrate the negativity of my dream, get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. Your wish will be fulfilled much faster, if you want truce with his enemy.

Your dream must be real. Don’t forget that the universe can’t work miracles, so the desire to resurrect the deceased or to fall in the future can not be fulfilled. Make your dreams come true, they must be real and available.

Consider whether you want to grant a wish. If your dream for a long time did not come to life, you may not so want it. Before you make a wish, think about whether you will be happy if it would come true.

Not to make too many wishes. Many of us want to get everything at once, but this is not always possible. If you want your dreams fulfilled as quickly as possible, it is not necessary to make a list of desires. Focus on one thing, and after the desired will appear in your life, you will be able to focus all my energy on achieving new goals.

Make the effort on their part. Many people believe that in order for the wish to come true, no action is required. This is a major mistake. If you want to earn a lot of money, you don’t do it, being unemployed, and if you want to meet your soulmate, you have to at least occasionally communicate with members of the opposite sex. Even small actions on your part will help you to quickly get the result.

Lack of faith in the dream. Perhaps this reason is one of the most important. People describe their desire, even model it in your mind, but often accept the idea that this is just a dream and it can’t be done. However, the power of our thoughts and belief play an important role in getting what you want.

The desire must be focused only on your life. Of course, each of us wants our loved ones to be happy, and sometimes it is our main desire. Of course, the love of family sometimes can work wonders, but your dream must first touch you. If you want to ask about health of parents or children a happy future, you should not focus on one family member: ask to all your loved ones are always happy and healthy, and then the desire will be fulfilled.

Dreams are an integral part of our lives. Since childhood we dream that all our wishes fulfilled, but, unfortunately, not always happens as we want. Sometimes the main barrier to achieving the desired are setbacks in our lives. Getting rid of them, you can change your life for the better. Wish you happiness and love,