Why mascots may not work

For centuries people have turned to the power of the talismans, which often helped even in the most desperate situations. However, the amulet showed the maximum of their energy properties, you must follow some important conditions.

Talismans and charms accompany people since ancient times. Many experts on bioenergy even argue that not least it is the ability to use charms due to the flourishing of ancient civilizations. However, over time people have increasingly lost touch with nature, have less to feel her energy, so now it is much harder to get a real talisman, which really attracted to the owner good luck.

It is important to remember that the talisman cannot be any thing. If not met three important conditions that make an ordinary subject in the talisman, the thing will not turn into a magnet for good luck.

The material from which made the mascot

The talisman must be created of natural materials. This is because natural things retain a connection with nature, and therefore it is better to attract positive energy flow. One of the best materials — wool. No wonder our ancestors tied a thread of wool on hand, to protect yourself from negative energy and to attract happiness, and this talisman really did its job.

This tradition, in somewhat modified form has reached our time: many people still hang woolen thread on the wrist, if it hurts the hand, believing that the wool has a beneficial effect on health. And many admit that it really works, and condition is markedly improved. This is just one of the many positive properties, which has a thread of wool: it can also attract luck and protect the wearer from harm, if are met two conditions.

Color mascot

Extremely important the color of the mascot. Specialists in bioenergetics divide the colors into groups and assign each of them a specific function. There are shades that will best perform the protective function. There are colors-the magnets that attract positive energy more than others. There are colors, almost devoid of strength — usually, this color is synthetic, not natural. And there are those who possess the most powerful energy.

To the energetically most severe include, for example, red. It has a protective and magnetic properties — the ability to repel negativity and attract good luck. No wonder red is so revered in ancient times: it is considered the color of the sun, the color of love, fertility and life. Most often the thread that was tied on the wrist, was red.

Energy mascot

The talisman should be charged in a special place. Many have heard about the so-called “places of power”, which in our world is not so much. This can be a special natural reserves or places, created by man. Energy background in them is so great that the thing that is being charged there, literally saturated the strongest energy, which subsequently gives to its owner.

In ancient times, people were closer to nature and therefore clearly felt the energy flows, but even then such places were given, not without difficulty — as a rule, they only found a special, knowledgeable people. Now there are several power spots, one of which is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

A strong talisman that will suit everyone

If the above three properties apply to the mascot, it just might not work, because it has the strongest power. Unfortunately, such things in the modern world not so much. But to get one of these very real.

Red string from Israel is one of the strongest talismans. Once during one of her journeys got Vasilisa Volodina, who is now a astrologer with a worldwide reputation, and only then began his professional career. Initially she was skeptical about the mascot, but still decided to try its action on myself. The first positive changes began after only a few days after the thread appeared on her arm, and life continued to go downhill: it is referred to more and more customers started receiving offers from TV.

Vasilisa Volodina felt that I should share this discovery with everyone who also, like her, wants to change your life for the better. Contact her on her website, you can get a real red string from Israel — mascot, which will immediately show you his power.

This mascot has a positive impact in one sphere — for example, financial or love. It covers all human life, because in the first place improves the power of the owner: highlighting strengths, helps to fight deficiencies, pushes to the correct decision of problems and attracts positive circumstances.

To change your life, having a strong supporter in the form of red thread, you can now. Let this be your first step to happiness.