Why Malakhov left from the First channel: news today, 19.09.2017

Many Russian viewers continue to be interested in the question of why Andrei Malakhov retired from the First channel?
Despite the fact that recently the TV presenter spoke in detail about the reasons for his dismissal, many Internet users suspect the presence of “gotchas” in this story and continue to discuss the transition Malakhov to a new place of work.

Currently many viewers know that the TV presenter Andrey Malakhov went to work with the First channel “Russia 1”. In this TV it is a TV show “live”, similar to the current-show “Let speak”. As reported by the entertainer in one of his publications, the reason is quite simple: on the First channel he had no career. It is for this reason he decided to go to the TV channel “Russia 1”, where he hopes to grow not only as a TV presenter and journalist, but also as a producer.

In its publication the former host of the talk show “Let them talk” wrote words of gratitude to his former colleagues and the Director-General Konstantin Ernst during the years of joint work, and the invaluable experience given to the journalist. While Malakhov found the words to almost every man, with whom his work brought on the First channel.

Recently viewers learned that Andrey Malakhov will be the producer of his TV show “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, which airs on channel “Russia 1”. Today aired a few issues with it.

The presenter also expressed her good wishes to his successor presenter Dmitry Borisov, who was appointed the host of the show “Let them talk” instead of Andrew. Malakhov has written that Dmitry all hope, and he is sure that he will succeed.

TV presenter Andrey Malakhov explained his dismissal from the First channel creative crisis, as well as intentions to develop his career as a journalist. As a result, he denied published earlier in mass media information about the fact that his departure from the First due to the conflict with the new leadership, shows, and also because of the desire to go on maternity leave because his wife Natalia shkuleva pregnant now.