Why Andrey Malakhov left with 1 channel: news today about the presenter, 20 Sep

Why Andrey Malakhov went with the First channel? This question is currently extremely topical in the Russian show-business, as fans of the famous TV presenter trying to figure out where he went and why.

At the moment we can say that Malakhov moved from the First channel to the TV channel “Russia 1”. Here it will conduct a program “live”, which is the equivalent of “Let them talk”. As for the reasons, here we can say the following: he decided to continue his career on “second button” from a desire career, which had stalled at the same place of work.

For the first time after it became known that Andrey Malakhov leaves the First channel, where he worked for 25 years, comments gave Sam Andrew. An open letter to employees “the First channel” has appeared on the website led by Malakhov edition Starhit. In a letter to the former host of the popular talk show “Let them speak” explained why he will no longer work on the Ground and told about his new job.

In a parting letter to his successor, Dmitry Borisov, TV presenter Andrey Malakhov wrote that now all hope on him. “Saw fragments of “Let them talk” with your participation. I am sure that you will succeed!, – said Malakhov.

In an address to colleagues from the First channel Andrei wrote that he hoped that they know the true cause of his unexpected transfer to “Russia 1?. Malakhov also said that he is now leading a program called “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. In addition, he will do a Saturday show and other projects. At the same time, Russia 1 pregnancy and the upcoming birth of his wife Natalia Malakhova not hurt.

The ratings of the program “Let speak” with Dmitry Borisov and “Andrey Malakhov. Live” in the first week of their release on television screens differ slightly, according to data from research company Mediascope.