Why Andrey Malakhov left channel 1: news and updates about the presenter for today

Famous Russian TV-presenter Andrey Malakhov was surprised by an impressive army of fans to hear about the transition from the First channel to the TV channel “Russia 1”, where he now leads the show “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. On the First showman led the project “Let them speak”.

According to the presenter, with the help of his program, he will be able to unite the whole country, where “own life”. Now he had the opportunity to show the scale of Russia and do “something useful with a huge network of regional correspondents of the channel”.

“Think about the different actions. Call it a flash mob, but rather a story that can bring people together. He was going to ride. Do outreach programmes we need to change the country”, – said Malakhov.

He noted that the program needs to be more relevant and exclusive and it “will not be to quote something that already happened.”

The producer of the programs “Let speak” and “Tonight” Natalia, Galkovich published in his microblog on Instagram the video, which depicted as retired employees leave from “Ostankino”. Together with the things they carried out of the telecentre and a cardboard figure of Andrei Malakhov. The footage, Galkovich addresses the host of the First channel Elena Malysheva with a request “to submit to the unemployed”.

The ratings of TV programs have shown that the coverage of the audience on the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” is twice the number of viewers of the show “Let them talk” with the new host.

Showman has linked his departure with the First channel creative crisis and desire to grow. Thus, he denied appearing before the press reports that decided to leave First because of the conflict with his leadership, or because of the pregnancy of his wife Natalia Shkuleva.