Why and where did Andrei Malakhov 1 channel: latest news about TV host today

Company Mediascope has published new ratings of the program “live” on TV channel “Russia” and “Let them talk” on the Ground.
According to this, the audience is “Live” with the arrival of Andrey Malakhov has increased significantly – the average proportion of transmission among the spectators over the four years from Monday to Friday last week was 15%. In the first half of 2017, when the show was leading Boris korchevnikov, the figures remained at the level of 13.4%.

Classroom proportion of former program Malakhov “Let them talk” with a new leading Dmitry Borisov during the same period was 13% (in the first half of the same percentages of 15.9%, however, should make allowances for traditionally lower ratings in the summer). If we compare the figures for July and August before and after the change of leading, share the show on the First channel increased from 14.4% to 14.8%, and “Live” in “Russia” – from 12.6% to 16.7%.

The reaction of viewers to a change of leading is also measured by the analytical company MediaHills. In based on data from 200 IPTV operators in 103 cities in the period from 1 July to 13 August, while in the study were allocated to regular and casual viewers. It turned out that the share of “Let them talk” with the advent of Borisov grew by 3%, and “Live” – 22%, this significantly reduced the proportion of regular viewers: “Let them talk” for this time lost 19% of audience core, and “live” – 23%. The loss was compensated by a new audience, attracted to the projects due to the breadth of coverage of the reshuffle of the Russian media – as a result the share of the first edition of the show “Let them talk” with Borisov exceeded the average proportion of the First channel 36%, and the proportion of “Live” with Malakhov exceeded the average share of Russia 53%.

For the first time after it became known that Andrey Malakhov leaves the First channel, where he worked for 25 years, comments gave Sam Andrew. An open letter to employees “the First channel” has appeared on the website led by Malakhov edition Starhit. In a letter to the former host of the popular talk show “Let them speak” explained why he will no longer work on the Ground and told about his new job.

So, the General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst, Andrei Malakhov wrote that he is grateful for the invaluable experience, over the years, for “every minute that I spent”.

In a parting letter to his successor, Dmitry Borisov, TV presenter Andrey Malakhov wrote that now all hope on him. “Saw fragments of “Let them talk” with your participation. I am sure that you will succeed!, – said Malakhov.

In an address to colleagues from the First channel Andrei wrote that he hoped that they know the true cause of his unexpected transfer to “Russia 1”. Malakhov also said that he is now leading a program called “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. In addition, he will do a Saturday show and other projects. Thus, on “Russia” pregnancy and the upcoming birth of his wife Natalia Malakhova not hurt. Earlier in the press informally got information that Malakhov decided to go with the First channel due to disagreements with the new leadership of the program “Let them talk”.