When will come the New 2018 according to the Eastern calendar

The new year is a great event, but in some countries it is not just a holiday but an excuse to change his life and show respect to all members of the family with his visit.

Eastern culture differs from the culture of other countries and parts of the world dramatically. In the East has a tradition of each year, the name of animals. This holiday has its origins in distant times BC. At about the same time he came to the teachings of Feng Shui. In East Asia 2018 Yellow earth Dog will not begin January 1, but more than a month later.

When celebrating the New 2018 in the East

In China and other Eastern countries the New year starts every time on different days. This is due primarily to the fact that the Eastern calendar linked to the moon. You also need to consider the fact that the count date is from December 21. As you know, is the winter solstice. In many cultures it is a key date because on this day, the Land becomes the dividing line between winter and spring position relative to the Sun. Hence the Chinese name “spring Festival”.

It’s not just the number of new calendar and a new cycle. This is a time of love and kindness in the East. Spring — time special energy. This flowering of the soul, the Prime of life for every person and for every family.

So, after December 21, must pass two of the new Moon. On the second new Moon is assigned the coveted transition. This time the second new Moon after the solstice will be on Friday, February 16. On this day in the East will begin to celebrate the New year.

The meaning of the holiday

The idea was to unite all loved ones at one table, under one roof. The abundance of red is a tribute to the principles of Feng Shui. Red — the worst enemy for the evil forces. Qi energy can destroy fears, negativity and all the bad beginnings in man.

To blow up firecrackers and launch fireworks — a tradition that came to us from China and the East. So people scare evil spirits from his home and from his family. A noisy celebration is the norm, and the feast in the East will last until March 2.

As for Russia, on February 16 we will have a chance the second time to celebrate the New year. They say that on this day you can make a wish, it will come true. On the power this day will be just unimaginably strong. You can try to follow Eastern traditions, he met with distant relatives at the same table. Invite them to come and visit, if possible.

February 16, the Eastern New year, we can hope for a real miracle. Transform your inner world, your home and themselves. Place your order wherever possible. Change your attitude to life to change the future.