When there is the feast of the beheading of John the Baptist

The beheading of St. John the Baptist — a celebration in honor of the martyrdom of the Baptist Jesus Christ and preacher of the word of God prepared people for the coming of the Savior.

John the Baptist is a famous and important figure in the Christian religion. Like any Martyr, the saints, the Baptist of Christ had a terrible ordeal. He finished his life in a painful and violent death, sacrificially in submitting themselves to the will of the Lord.

The Orthodox Church venerates the heroism of the prophet. On the day of the beheading of John the Baptist strict fasting, which expresses all the grief of the Christian people about the sudden loss.

The history of the holiday

John the Baptist was sent, in order to instill in the hearts of the people faith and to prepare souls for the coming of the Savior. However, the preaching of the Baptist was short-lived. After a short while after the baptism of Christ the prophet was seized and thrown into prison.

On the throne sat the son of Herod the Great, who killed a lot vifleemsky babies at the time. But Herod the younger differed megaserver: he delved into the words of the messenger of God and was afraid to anger the Heavens and the people, fell in love with John. But the audacity of the prophet, not liking neither the king nor his wife. The truth of the Baptist was imprisoned in a dungeon, which was heard all around.

A year later, in the king’s Palace was a Grand feast in honor of his birthday. For the noble folk dancing stepdaughter of Herod, Salome. Dance brought her ruler in wild delight, because of what he promised her, that will give her a reward everything, even half the Kingdom. At the instigation of the Queen-mother, who hated John, Salome chose a terrible cost. A young girl publicly stated his desire to the king, demanded the Baptist’s head. Herod was afraid of the wrath of God, but even more he feared the word of the king will become an empty phrase. At the same time one of the guards brought the head of John the Baptist handed to Salome.

The legend says that before beheaded innocent prophet was buried on Ilinskoy grief she endured horrific taunts from the evil and godless people. All those present wishing the death of the Baptist paid with his life. For them, the Lord has not less painful testing.

The feast of the beheading of John the Baptist

Terrible execution of John the Baptist took place in the year 32 after Christ, on the 29th of August, old style. The day violent death of the famous prophet in Christianity is called “the beheading of St. John the Baptist”. With the transition to the Julian calendar date of the celebration has shifted. Now the holiday is celebrated on 11 September, and the faithful around the world reminisce about the tragic loss of Baptist.

Every year September 11 believers in the tribulation remember the day the breakup of the Holy with this world. It would seem that the day of the execution the evil prevailed, the preacher fell. So why is this event considered a holiday? The answer is surprisingly simple. Martyrdom summed up the life of John the Baptist. Enduring faith Baptist accomplished the feat for itself.

The Church teaches that all who died for Christ, for goodness, justice and truth, did not die in vain. A life in torment in the name of true is the great sacrifice, showed love. The execution of John the Baptist only strengthened his message, his ideals. He left behind a legend, which we remember still.

The beheading of St. John the Baptist — a wonderful holiday which has a place of sorrow and joy. God’s elect lived a happy life and reunited with the Lord on September 11. This anniversary must inspire the hope that, though life’s path is thorny and complicated, true faith will always be your guiding light. Let your faith grow stronger day by day. We wish you a unity in the soul. Take care of yourself