When the Holy virgin in 2017

The phenomenon of the saints is considered to be an incredible miracle which can check not everyone. The great Orthodox feast of the Intercession is connected with this event. Find out more about the features of this day, to fully understand its significance for believers.

Every year on 14 October the Orthodox Church celebrates the enduring feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin. This great event is due to the amazing phenomenon of mother of God, which happened in 910 year. The main feature of the festival is that it is celebrated exclusively by the Russian Orthodox Church. Despite the fact that the Cover does not belong to the major feasts, Orthodox believers still consider this day Great.

When celebrating the Holy virgin in 2017

The cover is neperehodimyh holiday, which is celebrated annually on October 14, or October 1, according to the Julian calendar. On this day many years ago, Orthodox believers managed to see a miracle — the phenomenon of the virgin.

The basis of the festival is an incredible event that happened in 910, when the army of angry pagans decided to destroy the Constantinople Church, and all believers to bring the penalty of execution or lifelong slavery.

One night by local Christians gathered in the Cathedral to ask the virgin on the protection and salvation from the evil atheists. Suddenly, in the midst of the prayer, they saw the miraculous apparition of the virgin Mary, who was accompanied by other Saints and Angels. The mother of God pulled off the head cover and covered them all who were at this moment in the temple, thus protecting them from capture of the Gentiles.

The holiday was officially established in the 12th century, Andrei Bogolyubsky, on his initiative was built the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, the first religious establishment dedicated to this wonderful event. From that moment began to believe that Russia is under the protection of the Mother of God, which has always protected the faithful and help them in all troubles.

The Feast Of The Intercession

In our country each year on 14 October, this holiday is celebrated by all Orthodox believers. Many churches in Russia dedicated to this event, however, and in other religious institutions of this day does not go unnoticed.

The celebration of the great Cover of the day will begin with a night service. After all, once upon a time the miraculous appearance of the blessed virgin Mary occurred during the night prayer. In many churches the feast will be open to the Commission the morning of the divine Liturgy, after which the streets pass processions, in which, according to tradition, involves many members of the clergy.

The parishioners of the Church on this day can refer to the Theotokos with the prayer for happiness, health and protection. Don’t forget to thank the virgin Mary for all that you have for the world around you and a peaceful atmosphere in your home. Perhaps your faith in the power of the Mother of God will become your indispensable help, and the great intercession of the virgin Mary will protect you and your family from troubles and misfortunes.

The cover day is a very important event for the Russian Orthodox Church and its parishioners. On October 14 you will be able to pray the prayers of the blessed virgin Mary and ask her about it. Let the faith will never weaken in your hearts,