When the day of the autumnal equinox in 2017

Autumn equinox — a time filled with extremely powerful energy. Day, who plays a border point between summer and winter periods, successful to increase energy and strengthen the biofield.

There are two points of view on the day of the autumnal equinox: astronomical and folk. Astronomers argue that this period of time is not notable for anything special, just our planet has moved a certain distance, moving around the Sun. Hence a unique feature of the day: day and night are identical to each other, the day is divided into two equal parts of 12 hours each. The equinox signal that winter is coming and preparing to come into its own. But the folk memory is known, that this day was magical, auspicious to bring good luck, especially money.

The day of the autumnal equinox in 2017

To observe the 12-hour day and the same for the duration of the night the inhabitants of the Earth will be September 22. Everything will happen at 20:02 Moscow time. From the moment of equinox the Sun will lose its power, Sunny day will dramatically decline. This means that the Sun will hide and only occasionally peep. There will come a time the power of darkness.

Before the winter solstice should not expect support day light. The earth will strenuously to prepare for winter. This will especially notice the inhabitants of Central Russia, when all the migratory birds flock to warmer climes.

Our forefathers took special attention to this day, dedicating to the gods the sacrificial gifts for a rich harvest. Power gaining rituals to attract good luck and wealth. And herbs on this day took on special properties, so they tried to stock up for the whole year.

From the bioenergetic point of view it is the fall equinox allows us to stock up on vitality for the winter. After all, the day is literally at the crossroads of two periods in a year, and therefore has the strongest energy.

Astrological features of the day of the autumnal equinox

On the equinox, occurs a huge burst of solar activity reaches people in the form of a powerful energy pulse. No doubt — it is sure to inspire you to action. The most important thing is to identify in what direction to let such a strong charge. Choose only important. Initiative and determination must be counted.

Astrologers do not recommend hiding behind others and jealous of others ‘ success. On the equinox the people awaken the power to leap forward, so in your power to change lives for the better. The sun will be in constellation Libra, which means for victory will have to fight, but it’s worth it.

The waxing Moon, which will draw strength from the zodiac of Scorpio, harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the day. Everything will go on as usual. Besides, 4 lunar day — the day of struggle and pressure, therefore, will realize its potential. Just avoid impulsiveness in behavior. Do not attempt to build personal success on hostility. Be friendly to the globe to catch their luck.

The day of the autumnal equinox, the official arrival of autumn. It is this period of time prepares us for the inexorable onset of winter. People have the opportunity to facilitate the winter adaptation. In other words, the arrival of cold weather will not be a such a big news and won’t be caught unawares. Help his body to face the winter: stock up on vitamins and spiritual practices that will help to cope with the energy deficiency. We wish you good mood and successful day. Take care of yourself