When the Baptism in 2018

In January we expect a series of Orthodox holidays, and the believers should not miss any of them. Christmas holidays will end in a great religious event — Baptism.

January is one of the busiest months of the year, because it takes place at this time many Orthodox events. The Christmas holidays begin January 7, the day of Christmas and ends the Christmas period not less important event, the Baptism of the Lord. In 2018, we celebrate it, as always, January 19. For many of us it is remarkable the traditional Epiphany ritual — bathing in the hole. If you have not yet taken this courageous step, then soon you will have the opportunity.

What day is celebrated Baptism in 2018

As you know, in 2018 we traditionally celebrate the Baptism on January 19. On this day you can participate in the ancient ritual of bathing in the hole. It is believed that at this time, the water has a special power, so a dip in cold water, you can gain health for the whole year.

No less interesting is the history of the holiday. Because once it 19 January Jesus Christ approached John the Baptist with a request to baptize him. In one moment from heaven to earth suddenly descended the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and declared that the Son of God. This event has strongly affected all of humanity, and Christianity became the most respected and popular religion. Since then, the Baptism officially became Orthodox holiday and is celebrated annually. Over time, many customs, traditions and signs which must be obeyed by all of us to enlist the support of God and the Saints.

Traditions and customs of the Baptism

In Russia the tradition of bathing on Epiphany in the hole. It is believed that on January 19, the water becomes the beneficial properties that will help you to improve your health for the entire year. However, do not risk to make this ceremony without consulting with your doctor.

As in other Orthodox holidays, in Baptism it is customary to visit the Church and pray. Of course, you can do it at home, because in this case the prayer does not lose its meaning.

Epiphany eve is not desirable to eat before morning. Dinner can be fed only hungry kutia, which was prepared on the water, and her remains were fed to the chickens.

It is believed that on this day consecrated even water from the tap. To the whole year your condition does not bother you, drink, January 19, as much water as possible.

After Baptism comes the so-called wedding season, and it lasts until lent. It is believed that the marriages in this period will be very strong and happy.

In addition to the pleasant January events this month and we expect the adverse and dangerous for our health days. Weather-sensitive people need to protect themselves in advance against negative solar effects, and will help you with this calendar of magnetic storms on Jan. We wish you good health and Wellness,