When is celebrated the Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2017

In addition to the birth of Christ, in Orthodoxy and Christianity in General is another similar holiday — the Nativity of the blessed virgin. In 2017 this celebration we have yet to meet.

This festival ranks among the twelve that is one of the 12 most important in Orthodoxy. It says that it must every year prepare for it emotionally.

The day of the celebration of the Nativity of the virgin in 2017

It neperehodimyh holiday, which is in its importance comparable to the more familiar Christmas. This is an important day, because the virgin Mary gave up everything that she had, for the fulfillment of the prophecy and the most important spiritual mission that you can imagine. She bore the son of God, Jesus Christ, and let come to pass what was written in the Holy books.

Started saving people from sin and evil long before the birth of the Christ child. Started salvation in the time of the birth of the virgin. As a little girl, her parents — Joachim and Anna — gave it in the service of God. That was the deal, which was signed by the husband and wife who have no children. They gave birth to a girl, which, in turn, was to change the world. The angel of the Lord appeared to Anna and told that she would bear a daughter who will need to call Maria.

The Nativity of the Theotokos is celebrated with the distant 4th century. In Russia after the victory over paganism this festival has quickly become one of the most important events of the year. Now the birth of virgin Mary is celebrated on 21 September.

Traditions and rules of the holiday

Before such an important holiday it is advisable to visit a Church and confess sins. Everyone who met him with a pure soul, will receive a special blessing. This day is the equivalent of mother’s day, so people around the world give mothers flowers do for them something good.

In all churches there are festive worship services that are filled with love, light and optimism. This holiday is a logical beginning of all novokashirskoe and new Testament history. It all starts with the virgin Mary since her birth.

If you can’t get to worship on Thursday the 21st, then read home the best prayer of the Mother of God “hail Mary”. The important thing is to be spiritually ready to do good deeds. Tell your mother the most important words that do not say every day.

September 21, 2017 is the first feast after the new year, that is, updates the Church calendar. Do not allow yourself to live such important days as you do it all the time, because the holidays are supposed to teach us something, should contribute to our development and spiritual growth.

Then present him an icon of the Mother of God to those who are dear to you. Make pleasant surprises for close people. Let your soul lights up and sings for joy. Share this joy with all who will meet on your life’s journey.